Stories by Sarah Krymalowski

Sarah Krymalowski is a journalist with The Signal. She has a bachelors degree of Arts & Science from McMaster University where she studied cognitive science and neuroscience.

Mani Padumati is the manager of Adda Indian Eatery on Spring Garden Road. Construction has hurt the restaurant's  takeout business.

Businesses on Spring Garden Road say construction has been a ‘disaster’ for them

Business owners say difficulty parking and confusing sidewalk closures drive customers away

1 week ago

Lisa Adams won a landmark victory in N.S. Supreme Court after spending 16 days in an extreme form of segregation while in prison.

'A victory for all prisoners': Prison rights advocate welcomes court ruling on dry celling

Federal government has been given six months to amend the law so it no longer discriminates against female inmates

2 weeks ago

Halifax City Council, Nov. 10, 2021.

Embodied carbon is a thing, but it’s not in Halifax’s green building plan

28 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions from construction come from embodied carbon

Nov 10, 2021