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Halifax cocaine trafficker sentenced to 7 years

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caption The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia
Payge Woodard
The Law Courts, Upper Water St. Halifax
caption The Law Courts, Upper Water St. Halifax
Payge Woodard

Soft words were exchanged on a back bench of a courtroom in The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia on Friday.

Sean Michael Decker comforted his common-law wife as she dabbed tears before his sentencing.

Shortly after, The Honorable Justice Kevin Coady sentenced 43 year-old Decker of Halifax to 7 1/2 years in prison for the offences of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, cannabis resin, ecstasy and cannabis marijuana, trafficking cocaine, money laundering and possession of property obtained with the proceeds of crime.

Decker was arrested in October 2011 during the RCMP’s Operation Timber investigation when he was caught arranging for someone to bring 4 kg of cocaine from Hamilton to Halifax.

Decker used Halifax resident Kenneth Vasil Keeping’s garage for storage. Within the garage, 6kg of cocaine, dealer-specific paraphernalia and marijuana were found. Keeping was sentenced Tuesday.

Throughout the sentencing, Decker remained on the courtroom’s back bench, his arm wrapped tightly around his spouse’s shoulders. When asked if he would like to speak, his spouse softly prompted him.

“Just say you’re sorry,” she said.

Decker decided not to speak.

Justice Coady warned Decker of the trouble he would be in if he continues these crimes after his time behind bars. Justice Coady said he hopes Decker will start anew after his time served and rehabilitation.

“Start a new life. Make it a good one,” said Justice Coady

Decker hugged, kissed and whispered to his spouse once more before he left the courtroom.

“I love you. I’ll call you right away,” said Decker.

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