Lauren Currie is a genetic counsellor at Maritime Medical Genetic Services, IWK Health Centre.

HealthHow interest in genetic screening has increased post-Angelina

Increase in referral volumes has been observed since actress Jolie’s 2013 article

Feb 15, 2016

Sherry Norton-Brunelle has been a classifier since January, 2014.

Entertainment‘Once you classify for a bit, you never "watch" a movie again’

The classifiers on the Maritime Film Classification Board watch every film before you and do it for 400 minutes a day

Feb 13, 2016

Sophie Kaufman, one the four team members of the Hali Slam team, performing a poem at the event Thursday.

PoetrySlam poets taking 'our voice' to Saskatoon

The Hali Slam Team, consisting of four members, is set to represent Nova Scotia at the Canadian Festival of Spoken word from Oct. 18 – 24 in Saskatoon.

Oct 10, 2015