Stories by Andrew Lam

Andrew Lam

Andrew Lam (they/she) is a Chinese and trans journalist interested in labour, LGBTQIA+, and political stories. They hope to leverage their data analytics background for insightful journalism. In her spare time, Andrew enjoys choral singing and hiking.

Attendees at this year’s vigil for the National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Gender-based Violence formed a circle to hear opening remarks and a prayer from elder Marlene Companion.

Reports must lead to action on gender-based violence, advocates say

Calls-to-action come on anniversary of the Montréal Massacre

Dec 14, 2022

In the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, many Nova Scotians did not have cellular service

CRTC must regulate telecommunications companies’ service failures during extreme weather, advocate says

Consumer-interest lawyer says new Nova Scotia regulations likely fall outside provincial jurisdiction

Dec 5, 2022

ENBY is composed of (from left) guitarist Chris Power, drummer Dylan MacDonald, vocalist Clark Barrie, and bassist Trent Thomas.

A new punk band carves out space for queer people in the Halifax music scene

ENBY wants queer people of all ages to have safe spaces to enjoy music

Dec 5, 2022